BedBug Eggs! Bed bugs can lay many eggs in one day. They are oblong in shape, sticky, and are easily transported on clothing and/or furnishings.

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Does washing clothes in a washer and dryer kill bedbugs?

Yes! Utilizing your washer and dryer is a great way to to kill any bed bugs; including eggs on your bedding or clothing.

Wash and dry the clothes on the hottest temperature.

If you want to only kill bed bugs and do not need to wash you...

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The thermal death point is determined by two things; temperature, and exposure time. Bed bugs exposed to 113°F will die if they receive constant exposure to that temperature for 90 minutes or more. However, they will die within 20 minutes if exposed to 118°F. Bedbug eggs must be exposed to 118°F ...

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What do BedBug Eggs Look Like?

Bed bug eggs are small, white, and about the size of the head of a pin (1/32"). They can be seen with the naked eye, but because of the small size they are difficult to find and often require the use of magnification and a flashlight when searching for eggs.

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We Offer ProActive BedBug Inspections, Residual Non-Toxic, Natural Preventive Chemical Application, Mattress Encasements & Climb Up Traps! This is a great services for frequent travelers, medical care providers including in home care professionals, and those exposed to bed bugs frequently.

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Baby bed bugs are called Nymphs, they generally are
small, translucent or whitish-yellow in color; and
if not recently fed, can be nearly invisible to the naked eye because of coloring and size.

1st stage nymph (1.5 mm)
2nd stage nymph (2 mm)
3rd stage nymph (2.5 mm)
4th stage nymph (3 mm)

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How Quick Can A BedBug Infestation Happen?

A female bed bug will lay 5 to 7 eggs/week, 1 or more eggs per day and 200-500 eggs over her lifetime. The eggs are small (1 mm, 1/32"), whitish in color and resemble a grain of rice.

Most eggs hatch (64%) between days 6 or 7 (90% between days 8 and...

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3 months ago
Never want to have to make a call of this sort let alone deal with it. But, the team at EcoForce (Brad and Ryan) were extremely professional and understanding. From the initial call with Brad, to Ryan being at my house within 2 hours for an inspection and treatment, it was an easy process. I was scheduled the next morning for the heat treatment. Brad and his team went above and beyond to make the whole process easy. I loved that fact that they took time to get to know my dogs and cats as they would be spending time outdoors while the house was treated and they let them in for me as I was at work. I could not be more impressed with their attention to detail and professional services. Thank you for giving me back peace of mind.
- Heidi M
a month ago
EcoForce is very professional and discreet, no bedbug pictures or names plastered on their trucks. I called and they came out and gave me reasonable options. Another company I called wanted me to wait for in inspection because I had just recently returned from a trip out to town, which is where I believe I brought the bedbugs home, because they said it would be too early to tell if I had an infestation. I am so glad that EcoForce understood that I wanted to hear options that would prevent an all out infestation. The best solution for my case was the heat treatment. Ryan was very professional, friendly and knowleagble and I am so glad that I called. My situation has been resolved and now I have Peace of Mind! Thanks Ryan!
- Loriann G
3 weeks ago
EcoForce was cooperative, knowledgeable, accommodating (with everything you could ask for) and prompt. They strive to protect your house and complete everything they do quickly and accurately.
- Marion D

Get Rid of Bed Bugs NOW!

EcoForce BedBug Services only employs licensed/certified technicians to ensure a premium quality service for all of our customers. We utilize the most advanced heat equipment for all bed bug treatments and have several heater options for full structure, partial structure, or individual room applications. Our proven bed bug heat treatment techniques filter heat throughout a structure to ensure there is no place for bed bugs to survive. We monitor temperatures inside the structure and maintain lethal bed bug levels for a period averaging 2-6 hours depending on the level of infestation. Our process ensures that bed bug eliminating heat permeates into every crack and crevice that bed bugs may hide and guarantees a successful bed bug treatment.

Pests, especially bed bugs, are becoming more and more resistant to EPA approved pesticides. In fact, recent research has shown that only 6% of bed bug chemical treatments are effective in a single application. However, heat is a natural, scientifically proven solution that kills 100% of bed bugs, and their eggs in a single treatment. Temperatures in the range of 122˚F – 143˚F for about one hour prove fatal to many of the pesticide resistant organisms that invade our buildings. EcoForce BedBug Services provides a non-toxic, thermal bed bug control that works by raising the temperatures of an infected area to proper levels then continuously monitoring those temperatures to ensure proper temperature and saturation levels are achieved.

 EcoForce has made bed bugs our one and only focus and aim to win the ever evolving bed bug battle. Contact us today at 623-227-2101, for more information on obtaining the right bed bug remediation strategy for you.

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