Posted on Apr 11, 2019

EcoForce Bed Bug Services

The procedure involves heating up the infested areas to temperatures lethal to bed bugs. Portable heaters and fans are used to gradually heat the air to about 140 - 160°F. By carefully controlling the temperature, bugs and eggs are killed wherever they may be without damaging household items.

Some preparation is still required (e.g. removal of heat-sensitive items such as waxy items, aerosol cans, indoor plants, animals and medications), but it is seldom necessary to bag, launder and/or hot dry bedding and clothing since these items will be heated along with other furnishings. Another advantage of heat treatment is that infestations can often be eliminated in one day, rather than over multiple weeks or months.
To minimize reintroduction, occupants are advised to take as few belongings as possible with them while the heat treatment is in progress.

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